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Gay Gals Watch

Jan 30, 2019

Join us as we continue our travel back to Season 3 with episode 2- "Freakshow."  We fangirl HARD over the Avalance fight scene, groan at how terrible Nate was acting, and continue to love Amaya, even when she's struggling. 





Dany- @XanDany


Jan 23, 2019

Much like our Time-Traveling Legends, Dany and Dev said "screw the timeline!" and are now going back to Season 3 during the hiatus. Listen as they discuss Legends of Tomorrow Season 3, Episode 1- "Aruba-Con." They talk about many things, including the introduction of Ava, the lack of women on the show, and how much they...

Jan 16, 2019

Take a trip back to 1950's Japan and to present day Thanksgiving when Dany and Devon break down Season 4, Episode 5- Tagumo Attacks!  Listen as they discuss FINALLY seeing Nora for more than 5 hot seconds, Ava trying to work her way through an awkward Thanksgiving, and Sara and Charlie learning to...

Jan 9, 2019

Dany and Devon go back to the 1990's where friendship bracelets, "not" jokes, and scrunchies ruled. They discuss Season 4, Episode 4- Wet Hot American Bummer. Listen as they fangirl over A LOT of Avalance, get to know Charlie better, and begin to thaw on Constantine. 


Jan 2, 2019

Join Dany and Dev as they continue back in time to the beginning of season 4 of Legends of Tomorrow with episode 3- "Dancing Queen." In this episode listen as they talk about the awesome introduction of Charlie, Sara Lance's arms and how they are a national treasure, and continue to show their Zari love.

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