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Gay Gals Watch

Feb 28, 2020

It's Caity Lotz's directorial debut with episode 5x05 "Mortal Kahnbat." Dany and Devon break down the episode and discuss Ava continuing as Captain while Sara is gone, a weird storyline between Charlie and Behrad, Constantine trying to find a way not to die, and finally we learn who Charlie really is and what they...

Feb 26, 2020

Nocturna puts the fear of the nightlife into Gotham in episode 1x13, "Drink Me." Dany and Devon break down the episode and discuss how this Nocturna is different than the comics, Jacob getting a personality transplant,  how both Alice and Mary are the smartest people in the room, and Sophie makes a...

Feb 21, 2020

Viva La Revolution! It's a trip to France and the newest Encore, Marie Antoinette in episode 5x14 of Legends of Tomorrow. Join Dany and Devon as they discuss Zari 2.0's growth, the Zava (Ava and Zari) friendship, Constantine's past, and Charlie dropping hints about who she really...

Feb 19, 2020

The fallout from Crisis continues in episode 1x12 of Batwoman. Dany and Devon break down The Choice Kate has to make, Mary's apparent new fighting skills, the intro to the new Big Bad, and Sophie spiraling out of control with the Crows. 




Dany- @XanDany


Feb 14, 2020

We are sorry for the confusion on the numbering, but yes, this is episode 3- we will go with the numbers on the scripts from now on. 

Listen as Dany and Devon discuss the episode "Slay Anything" and break down Nora's evolution into a good person, Zari showing us bits of the hacker the love, and of course, lots of...