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Gay Gals Watch

Feb 27, 2019

Join Dany and Dev as they dive into an episode that covers quite a lot- a body swap, Damien Dahrk, and some badass ladies kicking ass. 




Dany- @XanDany

Devon- @KDevNic

Feb 20, 2019

The Legends meet an old foe in Damien Dahrk in Season 3, Episode 5 "Return of the Mack." Listen and Dany and Dev give you their VERY honest take on Damien and a fairly disjointed episode with a few bright spots- mainly Zari, Amaya, and a small amount of Avalance. 


Feb 13, 2019

The Legends take a trip back to the 80's to save Ray's life from the most adorable Baby Dominator EVER. Join Dev and Dany as they reminisce about the horrible Ice Breakers from their college days, talk about how Zari is settling in as a new Legend, and discuss how Ray's brother is nowhere to be found. 



Feb 6, 2019

Join Dany and Dev as they continue on with Season 3 of Legends of Tomorrow with episode #3- "Zari." Listen as they discuss how seamlessly Zari was introduced, how important her character in terms of representation is, Amaya's journey to learn about her totem, and of course- Avalance playing the most badass game...