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Gay Gals Watch

Aug 30, 2023

It's an underground fight club in this episode of Supergirl! Dany and Devon discuss Alex's growing "friendship" with Maggie Sawyer, the introduction of the fabulous Roulette, and J'onn learning he may or may not be the last Green Martian. 




Dany- @XanDany


Aug 23, 2023

It's episode 3 of season 2, and with that, it's the introduction of Maggie Sawyer! Dany and Devon break down how suddenly aliens are EVERYWHERE in National City, A Daxamite shows up and shows Kara's xenophobic tendancies, and Alex Danvers starts her gay panic journey. 



Aug 16, 2023

Continuing into episode 2, the Supergirl and Superman teamup has it's first serious challenge with Cadmus. Dany and Devon break down Metallo as a supervillain, Cat Grant's decision to leave, Kara's disasterous first day as a reporter, and how Alex is not wrong about Clark. 


Aug 9, 2023

It's the start of season 2 for Supergirl, and the move to the CW for everyone but Lucy Lane and Maxwell Lord. Dany and Devon break down this first episode, including Cat offering Kara the job of a lifetime, Superman showing, and the introduction to Lena Luthor.